Angel Avanzado


Angel Avanzado

Naniniwala ka sa love at first sight?

(Translation: Do you believe in love at first sight?) 

I never really believed in the idea of love at first sight, till one day it actually happened to me. Now, I wouldn't say I fell in love instantly, but I definitely felt a connection and spark. It's as if God told me that he would play a very special role in my life.

Each and everyday we come across a range of people, until one day comes and we meet "the one." No matter the days, weeks, months, and years have passed this special person will have a place in your heart and mind. 

An instant click.

 I feel as if the matters of the heart lies within the eyes of a person. You know, when you know. It's so cliché, but if you really think about it, your eyes see what your heart cannot. But, once your eyes and heart come together, it's an instant love at first sight. I believe that's one of the most beautiful feelings love has to offer. 

Have you ever met someone you can have endless meaningful talks with? I definitely did.  I never knew what it was like to talk to someone about life the way I did with you. I'm not really one to open up completely, but with you it was different. I felt the more we talked, the deeper the connection.  In those moments, we didn't even realize what we were getting into. We were two individuals chasing our dreams, but slowly unexpectedly falling in love with one another.  Every time we weren't together, I would reminisce about our conversations. I would constantly get caught smiling and blushing. It's all because of you. 

"Love makes time. Even just one second with one person can feel like a lifetime."

The moment I heard this, I could relate 100%. Being with your significant other even as little as five minutes could make you feel like you're on top of the world. Time is everything. Although time can be tough, know that the effort is what really makes matters. We could just be staring into each others eyes, while being in a room full of people. It's as if we could only see each other, and no one else. I think that's magical and incredible. It's made me believe in love. I've experienced different types of love in my lifetime, but this one is definitely for the books.  

We meet our soulmates at the most unexpected moments in our lives. Whether it could be during hard times or when refuse to be in love. Let the love in, and see where it takes you. When you take a chance, I promise you it will be one of the best decisions you have made. Love is out there. Just continue to have faith and always remember everything will fall into place.