Angel Avanzado

Trust the timing

Angel Avanzado
Trust the timing

I told someone once, "What comes easy won't last. What lasts won't come easy." 

A year ago, I remember telling this to someone who was close to me. We were talking about relationships and whatnot. I truly believe when you want to be in a relationship with someone special, you should take it slow. The moment you start to rush into it, the faster it will end. But, when you let someone come into your life, play hard to get it. Because that's where you'll see someone's true intentions and see how far they'll go just to win your heart. 

In our everyday lives, we tend to rush things in our lives. Most especially when it comes to relationships and careers. We feel like time is against us, so we tend to rush against the clock and force ourselves into relationships and careers that we may not actually want. 

We have tendency to forget how beautiful life truly is. Despite the many calamities happening in our world, it's important to remember there is still good out there. Be kind to everyone.  And always tell the people you love that you love them. We spend so much time doing other things, we forget to cherish our loved ones. 

We will have twists and turns in our lives, they will be our make or break moments. Those moments will redefine us, and we have the power to make or break us. These moments will be needed in order to find the strength within ourselves and become the warriors we need to be. 

If you're going through a rough time in your life, pray. Tell God whatever is going through your head and he will provide. I promise you that. There have been countless moments in my life where I have talked to God and wanted to give up on things. But, he knows that we can endure anything he gives us with the strength he brings to us. 

I would have never imagined my life to be where it is now. I told God that I refused to let anyone get into my heart. I don't want to fall in love. But, it's ironic because love somehow found me again. Although I pushed love back and forth and tried to convince myself that I was just dreaming and it's not real, it was very much real. I'm truly blessed that  Not only did love find me, but I found myself falling in love with a job I never thought I would invest myself in. Through this job, I can honestly say it has molded me into the person I am today. Whenever I felt I was falling, I got myself back up with full force. 

There's a reason why things end, and new beginnings start to happen. The ones who are meant to be in my life will come at the right time. Being where I am today, it has molded me into a stronger and happier person. I would not be the person I am today, without my loved ones who have truly inspired me to see my truest self.

Trust the timing in your life. You are where you need to be in your life at this very moment. Everything that you hoped and dreamed for will come at the right moment in your life. Have faith and be patient. Keep working hard to where you need to be. Whoever is meant to be your life, will come at the right time. Till then, work on the best version of yourself and live your life to the fullest. Life is too short to let things get in the way of your wellbeing. 

Keep working hard towards a better you.