Angel Avanzado

The One

Angel Avanzado
The One

Paano tayo malaman kung sha talaga ang "the one" para sa atin? 

(How do we know when we've found the "one" we are meant to be with? )

When you find yourself feeling a love unlike no other before. He will make you realize that all those can't compare to him.  You will realize the times of pain and struggle was worth it all because it led you to him. When you feel this love is so genuine and true, it's a dream come true. It is the love that you never saw coming. "The one" is the special someone in our life we never expected to come across. It was God, fate, the universe bringing the two beings together. It just takes the right time in our life. 

He will become your best friend, your superman, and the love of your life all in one. 

 Here's a few tips to find out if he's "the one": 

Unexpected / The Spark. You will meet that special someone unexpectedly. When that time comes, you will feel a spark unlike no other. A vibe that connects you to one another. 

Talking. You find yourself talking to that special someone a lot more. It starts to become a daily routine that you don't want to get rid of. Whenever you're talking to him, you never want it to end. You find yourself laughing and smiling a whole lot more. He will ask about you and your day. 

Happiness. It's the little and big things that they do that make you happy. Whether it was something as little as a good morning text, or even them surprising you in person with flowers. It's when their actions speak louder than their words. When you feel like someone is actually treating you the way you've always dreamed of. You never thought this could happen to you. When they put your happiness as their own. 

Actions > Words. "The one" will have their actions greater than their words. They are always willing to go above and beyond to give you the love that your deserve. Whether it be driving an hour just to see you,  he will make sure you feel special everyday.  It will feel so surreal. 

Honesty. They will be honest with you from the start. No games, just being 100% showing you their true selves. He will tell you how he feels about  you. You will catch yourself in disbelief at first. Because the love you’ve always wished for, is right here in front of you. 

Respect. He will respect you and your wellbeing. He will never disrespect you and give you any reason to feel any less than you deserve. He always put your best interests at heart. 

Acceptance. He will accept for who you are. Those insecurities that you might have, it doesn’t matter to him. He will see the true beauty inside and out. 

Time and Effort. The amount time and effort plays a big part in knowing he is really "the one." Despite having busy schedules, he will always try to fit you in. Whether it’s sending you a good morning text or calling you to ask how your day went. The more effort he puts into wanting to be with you, you will come to the realization that he truly wants to be a special someone in your life. 

Selfless. You will become a priority in his life. He will put your needs first in any way possible. He will want what's best for you. He will care about your wellbeing 110% and make sure you are okay whenever you are upset. The way he cares for you, feels so right.  He wants to be able to grow with you. 

Family and friends. He would love to get to know your loved ones. The ones who know you best, and can share stories. At the same time, your friends and family can even tell their own opinion of him as well. From these conversations you will see how interested and intrigued he is to hear stories about you. As you watch him talk to your loved ones, you are in disbelief. Can this be? Can this be him? 

Reassurance. You will never have to feel any doubt about his feelings towards you. He will never give you a reason to doubt him and the way he feels for you. He will give you his all and trust. Trust is a very important quality in a relationship, and without it there is no "us." 

Falling in love. When you find yourself falling in love over and over again with him. No matter how much time has passed, the rush of butterflies come to your stomach and your heart beats so fast. When everything he does makes you realize how blessed and lucky you are to have him. 


There’s a reason why it never worked out with anyone else because it was him all along. A love like this is one that is simple and selfless. He will never make you feel any less than you deserve. He will make it his duty to make you happy 110%.  If you haven't met "the one" just yet, it's okay. Trust in God. Trust the timing. At the right time, at the right moment in your life you will meet that someone. I promise you, it will be worth it. Just be patient. Don't rush. 


When I was doing a shoot, but couldn't pass this call. One of my favorite days of 2017. 

When I was doing a shoot, but couldn't pass this call. One of my favorite days of 2017.