Angel Avanzado


Angel Avanzado

How did I find my faith? 

Back in high school, I joined a youth group through my mom’s CFC (Couples For Christ)  community. After my first relationship ended, I started to become more active within my community. Honestly, that break up was my own break through to finding myself and my faith. God was preparing me for something greater. In order for growth to happen, you need to take a leap of faith and let go of those who are holding you back to where you need to be. 

I voiced out to God, “Whomever is meant for me, will come in your time alone.”

Three years later, I met someone who I thought would be someone I would spend the rest of my life with. A couple weeks later, I went to College/Singles weekend conference which allowed my faith to grow and grow. While I was at the conference, I was actually talking to someone. In the conference, I spoke to some girls about this guy, and they told me I should take a chance. This particular weekend was one of my favorites because it was my first time traveling alone to a different state for something like this. Before conference closed out, there was particular individual who I will never forget cause I still kept the clips of what he said: “In our weaknesses, that’s when we become strong. When we accept our weaknesses that’s when we truly become powerful through God. Be joyful in our vulnerability and weaknesses because that’s what us human. That’s what makes God perfect for us.” From his talk, I felt that whenever I was feeling to let God handle it. After second relationship, I realized it was another lesson I had to go through. It became a blessing that allowed me to see the things unseen, and remind me of my worth as an individual and partner.

After this relationship, I definitely saw myself closing my heart from love for awhile. I wanted to focus on school and work to get to where I needed to be. I kept myself busy, by going to coffee shops and the gym in between classes. Whenever I wanted to cleanse my mind and thoughts, I went to church by myself. There’s just something about going to church that makes me happy. I think it’s a nice feeling being able to be one on one with God. I actually have a favorite church and chapel that I go to on my spare time. I was focused and wasn’t going to let any MAN stop me from chasing my dreams.

It’s funny how life works. You meet your person, in the most unexpected moment in your life. When I met this man, I had no intentions of ever being with him or anyone else for that matter. We were two individuals who had dreams and desires in our lives. But, as time went on, my heart started to beat quickly, kinkilig pa ako sobrang sa kanya (Sorry guys my tagalog came out cause it was so much better describing it this way). I think what really got me to fall in love with him is the way he carried himself as an individual. And well, he doesn’t know this but I prayed about him. I went to church and told God, “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.” Since then, God has blessed me in ways that I never thought could happen.

Whenever I go to the city, I take the time to go to church and light candles for myself, my love life, and my family. I’m so humbly blessed to have them in my life, and pray for their health and happiness. Having faith in God doesn’t mean going to him whenever something is wrong, it’s about continuing to spread his love and showing gratitude in your own special way.

No matter what obstacles life may throw at me, I know that God is at my side and working with me. His love never fails. If ever you feel that you’re not doing enough, I recommend listening to some of my favorite worship songs.

  • This I Believe (The Creed) Live by Hillsong Worship

  • Came To My Rescue (Live) by Hillsong Worship

  • Hosanna by Hillsong United

  • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

To God Be The Glory, my loves.